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Learning to Let Go….

Four day seminars are always a learning experience and certainly I learned another valuable lesson this past weekend. For the most part, everyone was looking forward to getting away from their daily routine and were eager to share their views.

Some of the participants have  taken ownership of their jobs and were, in my opinion, extremely possessive of their “little corner”. They have been doing their job for many years and yes, they have been good at their work. When I started talking about the concept of change and growth I was met with some very strong resistance from the older employees, ( both in age and time on the job).

Everyone agreed that things have slowed down and that the enthusiasm that made the business a success has dwindled. The newer members were not as vocal as the ones who told me change was not necessary. I was amazed that they felt that by doing what they have been doing but doing it better would solve the current business slow down.

I encouraged and “open” discussion with no right or wrong answers in order to better understand  how this core group thought and to have them express their feelings.

My summary report to the owner may be difficult to implement. Even in a small firm, growth requires change and after four days of work and play I am recommending that four out of the eleven management team be removed. It’s going to be hard as these people helped bring the business to it’s current position, but their current attitude will hinder future growth.

Hard decisions are necessary and is part of owning a business.


It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot  dodge the consequences of our responsibilities.

Have a great day!

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