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Let’s turn a “1” into “365”

Had an enjoyable fourth of July. In the evening we watched “A Capitol Fourth”  and then several more patriotic shows with music and lots of fireworks.

It was very inspiring to see so many Americans, of all ages, waving the American Flag and dressed in red, white and blue outfits with many designs. For a moment I almost forgot that this was a holiday for most of those present and the the patriotic enthusiasm may be short lived.

What a great county we could have if we all maintained, not for just one day, but for 365 days a year,  that special feeling that was caused by the waving flags and very inspirational patriotic music.

I believe that if we saw more flags and listened to more songs such as God Bless America, we can revive the missing ingredient in our Country.

No, it’s not going to happen over night, but if each of us spread the word to our friends and then followed up by setting  a good example, we can regain, what I feel is missing, out National Pride.
Several Suggestions:

  • Wear a lapel pin featuring the American Flag
  • Fly the Flag at home or in front of your place of business
  • Make copies of the US Constitution and frame a copy for your home and office.
  • Play patriotic music in your home and office.

I’m going to suggest to people that have public business signs,  that the American Flag be visible on all their signs.

What can you do to maintain and grow the pride we should all have for our great nation?

Back to Business tomorrow…

Have a great day!

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