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Success from Mistakes

Making mistakes (all of us do, and all of us will) may be one of the hardest things to own up to. After all, it’s embarrassing; maybe if we  ignore it it will go away. By ignoring our mistakes we actually shift the burden of the mistake to our subconscious mind and the longer it sits there, the worst we feel about it. Eventually it may grow into something much bigger than it really is and may cause a fear of succeeding because we may make another mistake.

Mistakes, most of them, are part of our path to success, provided that we handle them the right way.

When a mistake is made, the first thing to do is to acknowledge it and then start the correction process. The daily news is full of people, including politicians, that don’t take responsibility for mistakes and the  mistakes eventually ends their career.

By acknowledging a mistake and taking responsibility for it you will find out that people will not think less of you, in fact, the opposite is true; you may increase your credibility.

Correcting a mistake also helps build trust with your clients/customers. So why don’t we admit our mistakes? Several reasons include:

  • procrastination: we will get around to it soon
  • laziness: it takes to much effort and it may be uncomfortable
  • fear of rejection: in my opinion that is something that one builds up in their own mind by not taking immediate action.

If you have any “mistakes” that you have not taken responsibility for, do it now; It may hurt for a while, but you will feel much better.

You challenge when making a mistake is to always remember to  correct all mistakes as soon as they happen

With practice this can become part of your success story.

They always say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself

Andy Warhol.

Have a great day!

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