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Essential Marketing Tool – A Personal Brochure

Even as a small business most of you have a web site and a company brochure. Both these marketing tools talk about your business and perhaps the services or products you offer.  In my opinion, there is a major tool that is not used by enough small business owners.

Yes, it is important to appear as “big” as you can with respect to your business. The internet and a business brochure, both allow you to work towards that goal. The missing ingredient in this marketing effort is a personal brochure on the owner. There are and will continue to be many opportunities to use a personal brochure for a small business owners; after all, you are the business.

Let’s look at the components of a good personal brochure.

  • The most important thing is to focus on one “strength”. You can’t be everything to everybody. Pick the benefit that you can best provide. This central benefit will be the foundation for your brochure.
  • Write a personal biography. The goal here is to tell enough about yourself so that the reader feels that they know you and what you stand for. Talk about your “human side” not your accomplishments as a business owner. Limit company information and products/services that are offered. Mention then only in passing. You have to be the main focus.
  • Use the objective third person point of view in writing your autobiography.  Instead of I did …. say Nick did……
  • Graphics and art still are part of  marketing. Invest in your cover and overall brochure design. You goal is to create a “WOW” from the moment  someone is handed your brochure.Make it easy to read and  use lots of white space.
  • After all  this, don’t make copies on your printer or colored copier. Continue the investment and have it printed on quality paper by a professional printer.

Once it’s complete, don’t keep the brochures in your file cabinet. Always carry a few with you and use them!


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Have a great day!

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