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Why no help????????

Occasionally, on a Sunday after church,  Nanci and I visit the home bound. I would like to share our story about one of the visits.

She is a lady of approximately 70 plus years. Her husband passed away this past February after a year’s fight against cancer. She has a beautiful, well maintained home in an upper middle class neighborhood in North Phoenix.

She greeted us at the door and invited us to sit in her living room, and started crying as she told us to look around as this would be the last Sunday she will be spending in her home of over 25 years. It is going on the auction block this coming Thursday and she has to vacate by Wednesday. She has exhausted all her savings this past year and a half and has nothing left. She is taking a few personal items with her and moving into a small two bedroom home on the West Side which she will be sharing with a sister. Her furniture and all personal belonging will also be auctioned.

As a country we spend billions of dollars on foreign aid and many more millions on welfare for able bodied people out  of work. Yet this women has received no help. I am concerned for the elderly of our country who are running out of savings and still have mortgage payments, food to buy and medical bills to pay.

It’s not up to the government  to take care of these people, it is up to us as neighbors, friends and concerned citizens to step forward. We eat in restaurants, go shopping for new cars and the latest tech toys, but we don’t donate to those in need.. As small business owners we need to be working to solve this coming crisis.

As the saying goes ” there but for the Grace of God go I”. The sad truth is that we may all be in that situation as we get older….. unless each of us accepts our responsibility. .

Each one, as a good manager of God’s different gifts, must use for the good of others the special gift he has received from God.

1Peter 4:10

Have a great day!

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