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Saying no is not easy, but it may be good in the long run

Had  two interesting conversations to that are worth mentioning.

The first is with a small business owner that has a home service business; this applies to plumbers, AC repair, lawn maintenance, etc. His problem was that all his friends wanted a reduced rate whenever they called him to provide his service. Not wanting to alienate anyone, he always gives in. Since most of his business has come from friends and relatives and their referrals, he has established a reputation that he is willing to cut his price. Although he now has build up a good customer base, his bottom line is barely allowing him to keep his doors open.

We worked out a partial solution that he is willing to try. In his next newsletter he will include an updated (new) rate schedule for his hourly time and service costs.This will be accompanied by a short letter of explanation as to how the rates are set; to be fair to the customer and to his family. The second part of the equation is learning to say “no discounts” to everyone that asks for one. Honesty is the best policy and he will share why he had to come to this decision.

The second was a telephone conversation with a current client that just wanted some reinforcement. A new client who is considering purchasing  a large policy  spend the first part of their meeting talking about the law suits he had to file against other similar service providers. He needs the business but is hesitant to proceed. We came to the conclusion that if your instincts say no, then don’t take the business. A sure sign that says run, is when a potential customer starts talking about law suits he has filed.


Courage is doing what you’re afraid to do! It takes GUTS to say no to business (Gods Undeniable Terrific Secret)

Have a great day!

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