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Four countries in two weeks

Getting another perspective on how people live and work is a very worthwhile experience. I spend two weeks on a cruise with stops in France, England, Ireland and Scotland. I won’t write a book today, but am going to share a few thoughts:

  • as a whole, the people were very friendly and willing to share and be helpful
  • gas in these areas was around $9 a gallon, but that never was brought up in conversation. The majority of the cars on the road were compact to medium size cars.
  • the beauty was not only in the villages, farm lands,  and towns, this was due in a large part to the  cleanliness of all the areas;  something to be admired and for us to learn.
  • the real estate market was depressed in many areas
  • the basic cost of homes and goods was much higher than ours
  • there was a spirit of optimism in the people I visited with; I didn’t find people feeling sorry for themselves.
  • People from all parts of the world and all walks of life are still traveling and enjoying themselves. The cruise ship was sold out (2500 plus passengers) as was the Jumbo jet between Phoenix and London.
  • I never felt any concern as my wife and I wondered on our own

There were many lessons learned that we can apply to our own business. Over the next few months I will share some of my experiences.


The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.


Have a great day!

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