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What business should I start?

Interesting questions and one that I am sure is being asked by a lot of people that are looking for new opportunities. While there is no easy answer to this questions, I have developed a a system which will help you  in your decision making process.

  • make a list of everything that you like to do; things that excite you, things that you may have dreamed about. Include possible jobs and successful people that you admire.
  • once your list is complete, make a notation by each item on your list as to why that is something that you you would like to do, or why something impressed you or why you admire someone.
  • Now put that list aside and start a new list. Spend the next several days ( or weeks) making a list of what you think is needed in your community; add to this list items that you think an ordinary person would like to have or could use. (during one such exercise I had someone that decided that jobs is the most needed thing) This will require some real thought; the ideal suggestions should be  products or services that are useful to the majority of the population, at an affordable price,  relevant in today’s society . Don’t be afraid to ask these questions of friends, co-workers, etc.
  • Hopefully you have come up with several ideas. Now is the time to match them up with the second exercise in this process. Once you have completed the matching process, prioritize them in order of what you would most like to do.

This is a short version of a system that I work with in helping people determine what type of business venture they have the b est chance of succeeding in. The person that came up with “jobs” as the single thing most needed is now working in a business in which he has assembled products and is letting others start a home based business selling his products with very little investment and an opportunity to earn extra money.

The world is full of opportunities, If you have an interest in working in a home based business, please call or email me. or call 602-989-1592.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover will be yourself.

Alan Alda

Have a great day!

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