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Have you called a client/customer today?

Yes, things are still unsettled and at this point no one knows how the economy is going to react over the next six months. Perhaps your business is slow and you are waiting for some direction to jump start your business.My question is, who are you waiting for  to give you an answer? Are you waiting for a flash of lighting to inspire you?
Guess what, it’s not going to happen.

Most small business owners have time during the day to worry about a lack of business. My challenge ofr you is to make it a point to call a past client/customer, every day.You don’t have to be making a “sales pitch” during your call.

Remember the word FORD, and ask about Family, Occupation ( how are they with their job or business, what is happening), Recreation ( have they taken a vacation or planning one; or how is their golf  game…) and last ask about their Dreams.

These four topics always come \in handy when you don’t know what to say. Make it a point to make tht call every day and after 30 days it will become a habit and you will notice an improvement in your own business.


If you don’t know  what you’re doing you don’t know when to stop.

Have a great day!

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