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Replace the wish list with a do it now list……

So many of us, including myself, have big dreams for the future. in our minds we visualize what has to be done to  reach those goals. The unfortunate part is that our visualization is very superficial; everything is easy in our minds and therefore we can procrastinate  putting our visualization into action.

The longer one waits the harder it becomes to make those dreams a reality. Motivating oneself is very difficult; it’s hard to start.

There are many books written on how to get started. One such book is ” DO IT! Let’s Get Off Our Buts” It is almost 500 pages long, all filled with good ideas. It’s an exciting book to read but it’s to much material and can overwhelm a reader.

I like the title of another book, ” A Little Bit at a Time”. This book only has about 200 pages, again filled with many good ideas. But much like the first book, it gives you more ideas and yes, it suggests things to do to be more productive. By the time you finish the book you may have lost your enthusiasm to get started.One of my very favorite author is Tom Peters; if a mentor can every be found in a book, I  believe that he comes as close to it as possible. (nothing can compare with a live mentor to exchange ideas and to be accountable with).

One statement that Peters make is “What are you going to do to be productive in the next 15 minutes?” I have embellished that  concept  and ask you to write the  sentence I just highlighted and keep it in a very visible spot on your desk. Whenever  you find  time for day dreaming, read the sentences and do something productive for 15 minutes. Like any other habit, it takes time to become part of your everyday effort, but if you can follow through for 30 days your business will change for the better.


He who hesitates if poor:

Zero Mostel

Have a great day!

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