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If you have to sell something…..

Small business owners, in my opinion, don’t know anything about advertising. They see big brand-name companies spending millions of dollars on national advertising and feel, that somehow, they have to do the same thing. These large companies have many motives for advertising and it is not always to make a sale.

Small business advertising has to produce results; the following list is from a book called “No B.S. Direct Marketing”. Their advice to the small business owner is to include the following list in every ad, flyer distribution, postcard, letter, etc that is sent out.

  • There will always be an offer
  • There will be a reason to respond right now
  • There will be clear instructions on how to respond
  • There will be tracking and measurement
  • There will be follow-up
  • There will be strong sales copy, not vague hyperbole

Be strong and and  do the above  for at least six months. The results will convince you to continue.


The constant unproductive preoccupation with all the things we have to do is the single largest consumer of time and energy.

Kerry  Gleeson

Have a nice day!

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