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Start with your wallet… Preparation for Business and Life

Walked into a clients office this morning and found him very upset. He had an early breakfast meeting and and them to the office for our appointment. Somewhere between the breakfast and the office he lost his wallet. It’s amazing how a lost wallet can totally  disrupt a days work.

After calling the restaurant, searching his car and office, the wallet had not turned up. I asked if he had a record of what he had in his wallet and a rather sharp “NO” was the answer. He asked to postpone our meeting as he had to “figure” out what he had in his wallet and then make calls to stop the use of his credit cards.

There is a moral to this story. Our topic this month is being prepared  and this incident gave me a good topic for this evening.

“Take care of the little things so you can concentrate of the big ones”. Now, before you do anything else, take out your wallet and take everything out of it. Go to a  copy machine and make a several copies of the entire contents (both sides). Leave one copy in your office and take one home.

It may sound like a small thing to talk about in a business support blog, but each of these “simple” topics can turn into big problems if not taken care of.

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Have a great day!

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