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Bottom Line Stress In Bad Times

If you are one of those people that focuses on the bottom line and then stresses about it, it’s time to change. Spending a lot of time looking at the bottom line is not going to change it. Now is the time to redouble the time and effort that you spend on increasing your business with existing customers and setting a system to attract new customers.

The previous statement applies in good times as well as bad; it’s time to go out and create more value for your services and products. Yes, P & Ls are important , but the only important line is the GROSS REVENUE. If it is growing you are making progress, if not, redouble your marketing efforts.

Your thinking has to be different every day, that means looking for new ways to expose your business and to offer greater value.  Like anything else, “different thinking” takes practice. New ideas will come but you have to “think outside of the box”.

Tomorrow invite a new “someone” from a different line of work to lunch; exchange ideas. In the evening go on-line and study a business that is totally different that yours and see what you can apply to your own firm. The internet is a treasure chest of ideas and opportunities, but like most tools, it has to be used the right way to accomplish the desired results.

Do something new and different, in your business,  everyday. Remember, motivation has to come from inside…


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Have a great day!

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