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I am in the process of interviewing for a new web site “consultant”; Change is the most important constant in today’s market place and I am ready to have new web sites for all my ventures.

The selection process was an e-mail blast to my core contacts asking them for referrals. It was interesting to see the different sales approaches each of the firms I called offered. A few spoke to me over the phone, asked me a few questions and then said they will e-mail me a proposal.

Several of the firms impressed me, and I would like to share an experience I had with one of them.

I called and left a message for a name I was given. I received a call the next day and had a phone interview. I was told that they will prepare a proposal but they wanted to present it in person. Today I went to their office.

  • The receptionist had a smile on her face and came from behind her desk to greet me and offer me a bottle of water or coffee.
  • She then led me to the conference room where my web site “ was displayed on a large screen.
  • Within a few minutes the person I spoke to came and went through the presentation.
  • He listened to what I had to say, answered my questions and then gave me a complete folder with a lot of material including testimonials, prices, and what they felt I needed to achieve my goals.
  • There was no sales pressure; and I was asked to call back with questions.
  • By the time I arrived back to my office I had an e-mail thanking me for my visit and again offering to answer any additional question and suggested another meeting.
  • The four or five people I saw in the office all wore blue shirts with the company logo.
  • The office was clean and furnished with a  very professional business look.

Yes I was impressed. It reminded me of the importance of a first impression. Not only in your office, but in your car,  your choice of clothes, and how you speak to people on the telephone and how they are greeted in your office.


“First impressions are lasting impressions” …..perhaps one of the first rules to follow for business growth.

Have a great day!

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