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Direct Mail – A small Business Must

The internet allows us to send e-mails and e-newsletters fast and at a very low cost ( free). I am a strong believer in using the internet for e-mail, blogs, e-newsletters and all the other various ways of communications offered thru social media, etc.

While you can direct your e-mail to a specific list or you can buy e-mail addresses and blanked several thousand people, I invite you to check your results.

Magazines are still being printed; books are still being sold and a hard copy of your newsletter delivered to a prospect has, I believe,  many benefits. ( these are my findings)

  • a printed newsletter has a longer shelve life than an e-newsletter.
  • an e-newsletter may be scanned and maybe an article may be read then it is usually deleted.
  • a hard copy of a newsletter receives a more complete “read”
  • more family members or business associates ( if mailed to a business) will read a printed newsletter.
  • Direct mail works best in a target market area where you are trying to establish dominance. It may not happen on the first mailing but I have tested it over months and years and the results have been awesome.
  • a printed mailing shows that you care more and are willing to pay extra to share your expertise.

I have had people call me from a printed newsletter years after I mailed it. Many people find value in my newsletters and keep them for many years as a reference.

In summary, direct mail does have a definite place in a marketing program. It has to be done right and aimed at the right target market.

I have just been recommended a book by Bill Glazer, “Outrageous Marketing that is Outrageously Successful”. Will purchase this book tomorrow and give you a report after I read it.

As I have said so often, you have to live and breath marketing everyday in order to grow a successful business.


He who hesitates is poor.

Zero Mostel

Have a great day!

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