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The topic of conversation, not only with business owners, but the general public, is the dire condition of the economy. My morning started with a person telling me how bad “things” are going and it’s gong to get worst. I don’t understand why small business owners don’t take advantage of the economic crisis and grow their businesses.

An economic downturn can work in favor of those that are aggressive in their marketing and plan their services/products to meet the needs of their target market. If you believe that it’s only going to get worst for your business, you are thinking the truth’ on the other hand, if you believe that there are many more opportunities than that is your truth.

If the national unemployment rate is 9.2% it means that 90.8% percent of the people are working; that is more people than you will ever be able to serve.

It’s time to pull out your strategic focus plan  out of your bottom drawer, review and update it in light of the current economic conditions. Again I must stress that the out of the box thinking that is needed to grow should be done with a mentor or business coach. We provide the challenge and direction to help you focus on the positive steps needed at this time.

As long as there is so much negative thinking many business owners will cut back instead of stepping forward. That makes the business field less crowded and it affords,  those that want to grow their business, a tremendous opportunity.

My advice is to stop what you are doing, step out side the day to day business operation of “working in the business” and spend several days “working on the business”.

Talk to your business support group and your mentor/coach and get started.


One comes to be of just such stuff as that on which the mind is set.

Have a great day!

Nick Petra

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