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small things matter in growing a business…

I have had one of those weeks and it’s only Wednesday.  My issue this week is related to “time” and how so many small businesses have no respect for doing things at the time they said they would do it.

It started with three web-design/marketing firms that promised a proposal by Monday morning; it is now Wednesday evening; guess what, I will not use any of these firms. If they can’t do small things as promised, how can I trust them with bigger responsibilities? Scheduled a Doctors appointment for “first thing this morning, In order to see him first and get back to work.” The receptionist said the first morning appointment was at 8am. I arrived at 7:50 only to find that three other people arrived before I did and all of us had the first 8am appointment. ( i finally got called in at 9am)

Common sense tells us that being on time is important; for an appointment, sending out  a proposal, returning a phone call, responding to an e-mail, etc.

Being on time is important, being early is a sign of respect and eagerness to meet. It shows that your “task” whatever it is, is important to you and your business.

This small sign of attention and respect show everyone how efficient and caring your firm is. It will translate into future business and help you retain your current business.


Time is the most important thing you have to share; use it wisely.

Nick Petra

Have a great day and be on time

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