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It’s Business Showtime!

From the moment you step into your work environment, be it at home, an office, a store, etc, you are on the stage; this pertains not only to you but to your staff. How do you want to be perceived by your biggest client/customer? Always act and dress as if that special  client was going to walk into your office.

Let me share a few thoughts:

  • If you work out of a home office, don’t go to work in you pajamas. Work is work and being presentable for work, ready to see a client, will set the stage for the rest of your day. Like all good habits, this may take a while to become the norm, but it is an important first step.
  • In your office, a dress code is important. If necessary, provide quality shirts with your company logo to all employees ( even if you only have one).
  • First impression, in your home office or a “regular” office is important. Don’t ever start your day in a messy office where things have to be put away. In your home office, be the janitor before you quit for the day and clean the office and clear your desk.
  • Once you and your office are ready, you have completed the physical part of “showtime”. Next come the actors and that is you and your staff. Your tone of voice on the phone or the greeting you give someone entering your office should be rehearsed until perfection is achieved.
  • The same applies to e-mails, letters and all material that leaves your office. Check to see if it conveys the image and message that you are trying to establish.
  • Showtime also involves timing; return phone calls and e-mails in a timely fashion. Don’t promise more that you can deliver or promise something faster than you could possible deliver the product or service.

A small business is your stage and you are the producer, director, make-up artist, etc.It’s up to you to make sure that the show is perfect every day and that it is constantly being examined so improvements can be made.


An activity becomes creative when the doer cares about doing it right, or better.

John Updike

Nick J Petra
Certified Financial Planner
Business Coach and Mentor
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Have a great day!

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