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Business according to STEVE JOBS

In a speech Steve Jobs said something to this effect:

If you know that this was going to be your last day on earth, would you still do what you have planned for  today?

What a great thought to conduct your business  with!

Can’t give credit to anyone for the following but I found it on a business card, printed on both sides:

Delivering Value:

  • From the customer’s perspective, have I treated the customer with the utmost respect?
  • From the customer’s perspective, have I exceeded their expectations?
  • From the company’s perspective, is it in the best long tern financial interest of the company?

Delivery system:

  • We deliver a World Class Experience to our customers every time
  • All of our systems are a model of simplicity
  • Everything about our system is neat and orderly
  • All of our systems and step-by step processes are written down
  • We systematize the routine and humanize the exception


Make a copy of this blog and keep it on your desk, it will help you stay on a success track.

Have a Great Day!

Nick Petra
Certified Financial Planner
Business Coach and Mentor

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