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Best time to send cards to clients and customers

E-mail has taken the place of “snail mail” but on one occasion I encourage you to send a “snail mail” card to your clients and customers.

That time is Thanksgiving, the best time to thank them for their business and support. Get a nice card and personalize it. Write a note thanking them for their business. Consider using stamps on line for purchasing your postage. they offer  stamps with fall scenes.

Clients really like getting a card at Thanksgiving, when no one else is sending then anything. This card won’t get lost in the holiday shuffle.

This is a simple challenge; start now preparing your mailing list and purchasing your cards. It takes time to write personal notes to everyone. Personal does not mean ” Have a Happy Thanksgiving” it means saying something personal about what their business and support means to you.

Start a new tradition….


The only limit to your impact is your imagination and commitment

Anthony Robbins


Nick Petra
Certified Financial Planner
Business Coach and Mentor


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