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Marketing – invest your time and money in learning

For many small businesses marketing is the lifeline to success. Why then, is so little time spent on learning about marketing and so much money  is spent on the latest ” hot idea” that crosses your desk.

Over the past many months I have introduced  different marketing opportunities. In a short blog all I can do is to draw your attention to a method, but you need to put work cloths on an idea so that it can become a cash generation system for your business.

The most important thing you can do as a small business owner, is to become a “marketing guru”. You have to step our side of your product/service “box” and see what other industries are doing to market their businesses. Attend seminars, read books, watch a video, and most important, work closely with your mentor to implement a marketing system.

I find that all successful businesses have a marketing system. That means it is consistent and not a “one shot deal”. Long term, marketing thinking, is important to success. Like anything else you want to grow, a marketing system needs to be nurtured and in a constant growth stage.

The many tools available today will allow  any business, however small, to market like a giant. You may not have time to do all the marketing, but unless you know what you need and how it works, you may be wasting dollars on your marketing support staff.

Today’s message is simple, invest your time and money in learning and keeping up with the latest marketing techniques.


If your marketing is not working but you continue doing the same thing and expecting different results, you are p;practicing the definition of insanity.

Have a great day!
Nick Petra
Certified Financial Planner
Business mentor and coach

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