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Do Something Different

We become creatures of habit, both in our private lives and in our business. We establish a routine and repeat it every day. Do you drive home the same way every day? Is your routine, when you arrive at the office, the same every day?

Our exercise today is to break routines for the next 30 days. Do something different in each of these areas:

  • how you answer the phone
  • change the greeting and ending on your e-mail
  • have lunch at a different place and different time
  • have lunch with someone different every day
  • buy a marketing book and read it
  • take your significant other on a date
  • plan a two week vacation
  • call one person a day you haven’t talked to for over 30 days and ask how they are
  • volunteer with a local charity
  • increase or begin an exercise program

Another approach to this exercise is to write down what you do on a normal day; from the time you get up until you go to bed. Once complete, change as many of your actions as you can for the next 30 days.

Getting comfortable with your routine can be a danger signal in your personal life and business life.
Get ahead of the curve and change before change leaves you behind.

Another challenge is for you to go to follow the instructions and sign up; then, send me an e-mail with this program at Tell me one change you are going to make.


Creativity can solve almost any problem. The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.

George Lois

Nick Petra
Certified Financial Planner
Business Coach and Mentor

Have a great day!

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