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Doing something different everytime and expecting……

A saying I have used in several of my blogs was the definition of insanity: Doing the same thing every time and expecting different results.Unfortunately, there is a another way to define insanity:
Doing something different every time and expecting the same result.

The later is usually found in an office or business that does not have a system (written process) in place to handle business as it comes into the door. That includes everything from a greeting to delivering the product or service to follow up with your client or customer.

The first sign showing lack of a system is usually the “mess” in the place of business. That is evident in an owners office, a salesperson’s desk or the store itself.

Disorganization takes away from the time needed to service a client or to do additional marketing; in other words, disorganization is one of the major time wasters in a business.

Growth without systems is virtually impossible. I know, change is the only constant in a small business, but systems that work should be kept the same until they no longer work and then you make the necessary changes.

Systems for service businesses should include the greeting, the paperwork, or e-mail, flow, the communications both method and frequency and then the delivery and follow up.

Systems also make growing a business easier when it comes to adding a new employee; everything is written and expectations are listed.

Gerber, one of my favorite authors, says to take time to work on your business instead of in your business. Setting up systems is working on your business. The time you save by taking the time to develop your systems will impress your clients and help you and your staff in generating new business.


Tools are frequently given but seldom picked up and used; how are you doing with the  tools you receive?

Nick J Petra
Certified Financial Planner
Business Coach and Mentor

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