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It’s hard to Brand your business if you don’t know what Branding is…

Did a some research this afternoon on the subject of Branding a business; I visited with small business owners and asked them to first define the term Branding and what is needed to brand a business. My results were mixed, a few knew the definition, but not one had a preparation process for branding their business. They all agreed that it was an important aspect of their business but no one had made an effort to learn how.

Let’s begin with a definition: “The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product/service from other products/services”

The Branding Process involves answers to such questions as:

  • how, what, when and to whom
  • a plan on communicating and delivering your brand messages
  • what is your company’s mission
  • what are the benefits and features of your products/services
  • what qualities do you want your customers/clients to associate with your company

It’s important to target your market; to learn their needs, habits and desires. Don’t rely on what you think. Know what they think. ( this can only be accomplished by your direct contact with your target audience and asking questions)

Armed with this information you are ready to develop and implement the actual “Brand Marketing Process”. This is hard work but it is the foundation for building a brand. As always, the support of your business mentor, coach, or planner is recommended to complete this process.

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