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Count Your Blessings

” It’s not what you don’t have that will prevent you from starting a new business or growing and existing one, it’s not using the things you have.”

Nick J. Petra

Each one of us has been blessed with many gifts; the secret to success is putting them to use. I visit with many people who want to start a business and they give me a long lost of “have-nots” as the reason they can’t start. I also received a similar list from owners of existing businesses when they tell me why they can’t grow their business.

I challenged myself, several years ago, to make a list of my blessings; my goal was to list 100 things. It was slow at the beginning but as I went along and really thought about it, it became easier and I exceeded my list of 100. My next step in the process was to prioritize them according to importance and then, next to each item, I made a note as to how I can best use that item to grow my business. The results were amazing and I have incorporated that as part of my planning process with my clients.

This Thanksgiving weekend is a good time for you to count your blessings. May I recommend this as a family exercise, about 15 minutes before the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner  ask each family member, kids and adults, to list as many blessings as they can in five minutes and then have everyone share their list.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and make it a successful today!

Nick Petra

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