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The Goal of Marketing should not be Instant Gratification

Today, marketers spend tons of money on advertising with the goal of getting instant results. It seems that they focus on the short term at the expense of the long term benefits. Anytime a “special” is offered, traffic may be generated, but it is not because of the business, but because of the offer. Specials  alone do not grow a loyal following for your business.

Yesterday we spoke about innovation, about re-inventing your business; the same holds true for how you market the “innovation”. Let me plant a seed: in a recent survey (2009) the results showed that 83% of consumers are willing to change how they consume to make the world better and 64% wouldn’t mind recommending brands that support good causes.

An idea may include  your  making a contribution towards building a better community from every sale that you make. While the implementation of such a program will not bring instant results, the long term benefits will be worth the effort.

In today’s economy, consumers are demanding more accountability from all businesses, large or small and are also looking at how they, as individuals, are treated.

Technology has opened the door for any business to Brand itself in the image that they want to be perceived. Social media is here to stay ( at least for the foreseeable future) and provides a low cost opportunity for innovative branding.

While generating an income “now” is important, it has to be part of a long term “Brand Building Program”  that will result in creating long term customers.


Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.

Gene Brown

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