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The Business versus the Profession

At a recent EXPO, an interesting panel presentation discussed the difference between being in Business and being in the Profession.

The difference between the two was the commitment and investment that the business owner made in himself, his place of business, his staff and his clients. Let’s look at each of these areas:

Himself/herself: This area pertains to participating in continuing education in your field. Dressing yourself in the most appropriate attire for your business. Staying healthy, exercising, eating right and having annual check ups.

Place of Business: Do you work out of your car? Is your place of business ( home office or rented space) something to which you are proud to bring your customers? Do you have up to date office equipment, software and other tools needed to run your business? Is your office well organized with systems in place to handle your clients’ needs? Do you have a business plan in place and is it updated at least twice a year?

Staff: Are you doing work that should be done by a staff person so you can work on the business instead of “in the business”? Is your staff well trained and allowed to give input into marketing, management and other issues pertaining to your overall operation? Do you have the “right” staff working with you?

Clients: Do your clients send you referrals on a regular basis? Are your clients/customers only using you when they need service or products that your business provides? Are they long term clients or do you have to continually find new customers to replace those that have left?

Unfortunately, too many businesses are not adhering to the principles that make their businesses a profession instead of just another business. Take a look at your own business and make the necessary changes now, to turn your firm into a profession.

“Leaders get into trouble when they put their desire for results before their willingness to develop themselves in areas of competence and character.”

John C Macwell

Make it a successful today!
Nick J. Petra

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