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Do What You Do Best……

At my request, a client invited me to attend a three hour web building seminar this morning. The room was full of small business owners who were trying to learn the essential elements of what a good web site should contain. The intent was that with this knowledge an effective web page could be built by my client. Of the approximately 30 people in attendance their goal was to learn to either build their own web page or to improve the one they already had.

On the ride back to the office I asked my client what he learned this morning. The answer was “ I have to attend many more classes before I will understand all that is needed to build my site.”

I then asked what the most important function was that he performed in the company and what were his strengths to perform this function. After a few minutes I received the answer: “my strength is in the product knowledge and my most important function is to present my product to potential customers”. Obviously the strength did not include building a web site and them doing the necessary maintenance to keep current with changing technology.

I then reminded him of the budget we put together which included the value ( in dollars) of his time. We also discussed the marketing dollars we had allocated for the next quarter. I have summarized the result of our discussion:

Do what you do best and hire out the essential support (in which you have no expertise) you need. This applies to all aspects of a business.

If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing anything for anybody.

Malcolm Dane


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