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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

We are creatures of habit. Our personal routine seldom varies; driving to work the same way, having the same morning ritual, watching the same TV shows and having a relatively structured life.

Unfortunately, the “Comfort Zone” we have adopted in our personal life, often carries over into our business life. This trait often shows up when I start a Strategic Focus Plan process with a new client. In our pre-planning meeting I listen to all the things that have become “rituals” in a business and how they should be incorporated into the new plan.

Business growth requires change. If a business is failing, that change has to take place. If a business is doing well, then a plan should be in process which looks forward to determine what changes have to be made to continue growth.

Leading a balanced life is important; your core values should be steadfast and will serve as the foundation upon which the necessary changes will be made.

It’s good to be in business for yourself, but you should not be in business by yourself. Most often change requires an outside stimulus; don’t fear losing control or losing yourself worth if you allow someone to help facilitate the change. Many very successful business owners have a mentor, coach or assistant working in the background to challenge the status quo. By seeking help to leave your “control Zone” you are multiplying your changes for success.

Change is not a risk – it is the process of developing a stronger footing for future growth.

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