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Business Owner..This May be your Best Investment Ever


Coaching is part of growing. All of us have been coached in some way over the course of our lives. It may have been Mom or Dad or a teacher in gym class, or a friend that helped us take that next step in our career. Whatever the situation was, we felt better about ourselves as we grew and changed.


As a business owner, growth and change are a requirement for survival; and many times being coached is the best way to succeed. Look at all phases of life, sports, academics, or business; the top performers always have a coach.


If you have been reading my blogs, the following statement was used often: “Be in business for your self, but never be in business by yourself.” Coaching is different than consulting. As a consultant I help my clients identify issues and together we create an action plan. At that point my work is finished. When I act as a coach, I enter into a long term relationship with my clients; not only do we plan and implement together, but I become a sounding board for talking about fears, dreams, and feelings.


Communications is the key word to a successful coaching relationship. Technology has made this possible and  I am easily accessible by phone, e-mail and visual dialogue (skype for example) when meeting in person is not possible.


A telephone call is the usual starting place for working with a coach. The chemistry has to be there, even in the initial phone call; and then it must carry on to the face to face meeting. I am often asked “ Can I afford a Coach?” A good coach will work with a client to offer the best support for the  available dollars  and then  grow with the client as the business grows.


Hire a coach, it may be the very best investment you can make for 2012.



We are all, it seems, saving ourselves for the Senior Prom. But many of us forget that somewhere along the way we must learn to dance.

Alan Harrington

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