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Solar, Wind, Energy Storage… the Next Great New Business


The automobile transformed not only our country but the world. It created an enormous job market and led us, as a Nation, to become world leaders in innovation.   I believe that our ability to win the two world wars was due to the automobile manufacturing segment of our economy which allowed us to switch gears and manufacture weapons, tanks, etc.

Since World War Two, the computer industry has transformed the global economy  and our lives have been changed forever. The internet, smart phones, I-pads and a host of other electronic devices are things we now take  for  granted. Unfortunately, our nation was not able to maintain the manufacturing leadership it had with the automobile and has lost jobs and perhaps, other aspects of our world leadership position.

I read where conventional oil reserves will likely be exhausted by mid-century, hence the continuing huge investments in coal, natural gas, and unconventional oil production technologies.

I believe that somewhere in the US there is  a person working on a new and better way of harnessing  solar or wind power. It may be in someone’s mind or being developed in a garage, but it is happening. Energy storage, batteries, need to be re-invented. Imagine a future where a unit the size of a shoe box can contain enough energy to power your house for a week or month; where a   small box the size of your mobile phone can power all your electronic devices for a month or year.

Alternative energy development, I believe, will be the new computer industry  in the next 10 to 50 years. I am hoping to hear from someone that is reading this blog and  has an innovative idea. I want to be part of this great future which has the potential to give our country the leadership prominence it once had.

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