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Success in 2012 isn’t all about attitude, but attitude helps

What are my business forecasts for 2012? Yes, before the end of the year, I will share my thoughts on several aspects of our economy, but neither I, nor anyone else can forecast your 2012.

Your business success for 2012 is yours alone to predict.

I along with hundreds of other people will share our views about what 2012 will bring. Real Estate, the stock market, oil prices, gold and silver prices all will be discussed and opinions given. Employment or unemployed, taxes, health care and many other issues will be “guessed at”; some of us will be right and many others wrong. It really does not matter what others think, you alone are in control as far as the success or  failure of your 2012 business year.

No one knows as well as you do, the opportunities available in your immediate “business sphere of influence.”  First and most important, adopt a positive attitude about the possibilities available to you in 2012. Next, spend a little time  analyzing the good your business accomplished in 2011. Make a list of the changes you have to make in order to have 2012 be your best year ever.  Develop your action plans in detail and then follow up with the needed implementation.

For many I become the “accountability coach”; all the positive attitude in the world will not lead to success unless you have the internal character to follow through.

Character is the ability to carry on after the mood has left you

Remember this saying as you travel through 2012.

Nick Petra  (

Make it a successful today!

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