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The Only way to set Business Goals in 2012

Had a conversation with a friend this morning. During the conversation, he stated that he still had to set all his business goals for 2012. There is, in my opinion, only one correct way to set goals for 2012.

  • You will need the following tools; paper, pen and a 2012 calendar.
  • For a business, there is only one goal that is usually set, and that is to increase the bottom line.
  • Everything else that you do should be the development of and implementation of the  action items needed to  accomplish this goal
  • Make a list of all the action items as they come to mind
  • Prioritize the action items
  • With your calendar in hand set a start date and desired completion date for each action item. Yes, there will be times when you are working on several action items at the same time.
  • Next,  find someone to help you stay accountable to your action items and to review with you  their relevance and possible changes  as the year progresses.
  • Last but not least if your commitment to the  discipline required to stay focused

This system may sound too simple in light of the  volumes that have been written on how to set business goals, but complicated systems often  don’t work at all.

Every fulfilled dream occurs because of dedication to a process.

Nick J Petra  The small business solution center

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