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People to People Business…Advantage at Year’s End


The last two weeks of December and the first week of January are usually the time that we have the most “relaxed” meetings with people. Christmas gatherings, New Year’s Eve parties, college and pro football “watching”, all present an occasion to relax and enjoy other people’s company.  It’s much more relaxed than a formal business meeting, and the usually rushed time element is not present.

No, this is not a time to hand out business cards to all present, nor is it the time to talk business. It is, however, a time to learn more about those present. Using the “FORD” method for initiating a discussion, (Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams) these four topics give you an opportunity to learn more about those present. Your main function in this setting is to listen!

You should always carry a small note pad in your pocket and at the earliest possible time, write down a few notes about the people you shared your time with; ( the note pad should always be in your pocket to jot down thoughts and  reminders. Your brain is always working, and by  these notes you will remember important ideas and facts).

Around the middle of January review your notes and prioritize the list of people you had contact with     ( list them in order of interest and compatibility). Now comes the fun/work time. Call at least one person per week and set a lunch or coffee date, or invite them to attend a meeting with you. This is the time to get to know the person even better and to share your “FORD”.

This formula should be one you use whenever you are in a gathering and wish to develop future friendships and business.

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Nick J Petra

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