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Online and in Person…a Requirement for Business Growth

All small business owners are in the people business, and that must include both an online presence and a “people to people” presence in order to maximize their growth potential.

In meeting with a new client and discussing marketing options for a startup service business, I emphasize the importance of having a good web site and a foundation in online marketing.  I also made it clear that building traffic online is a slow process.

I suggest the following “person to person” activities to help jump start the new business:

  • Joining the chamber of commerce
  • Joining a civic organization
  • Joining a small business association
  • Joining a networking group

Joining the above referenced groups will not produce recognition or business contacts unless the participation in each organization is a sincere effort to make it a better organization.

Usually first objections I receive are time and money. The cost to belong to the above mentioned organizations is approximately $1500 for the first year. All these organizations have meetings either on a weekly basis or at least once a month. Clients are  concerned about committing that much time to “person to person” marketing.

The lesson here is a simple one: without a major marketing effort, a business will have a difficult time surviving, much less growing. The person to person marketing will provide clients opportunities to tell their  story and to determine the value of their service and what changes, if any, have to be made.

Most people want to improve their situation in life. When they find someone who can communicate something of value to them, they will usually listen.

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