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Should a Small Business Owner Think?

Let’s continue building on 2012 with more challenges. This time let’s look at tool that many small business owners neglect. I find that many small business owners “rush” into business and once they are started, they “rush” into product/service selection, marketing, management and all the other necessary aspects of running a business.

Starting with the following statement: Action does not necessarily equate to thinking; I want to focus on what I call “The lost art of thinking”.  Wikipedia defines Critical Thinking as follows: “ reasonable reflective thinking focused on deciding what to  believe or do”: “the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information.”

That sounds like a mouthfull; let’s break it down in simpler steps, as put forth by R.H. Ennis:

A critical thinker:

  • Is open minded
  • Is mindful of alternatives
  • Is well informed
  • Judges well the credibility of sources
  • Identifies reasons, assumptions, and conclusions
  • Asks clarifying questions
  • Can develop and defend a future action
  • Plans well
  • Implements well

The  above are simple, common sense statements that are too often neglected in the business process. I know I push for action, but never action without thought. Keep the above list in mind as you enter 2012.

Taking on new projects is not necessarily a positive change. It may be a sign of recklessness and non-fulfillment. But going back to all the levels of non-completion and completing them is a sign of positive change.


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