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What do you do?????

I participated in an EXPO this week. There were about 50 small businesses showing their services and products. It was a diversified group. I made it a point to visit each exhibit and ask the person manning the booth  (usually the owner) what they did.

When I was asked the same question  I used one of the following answers:

“I help people maintain their character: character being defined as the ability to carry on after the mood has left you.”

The other answer I gave was: “I put work clothes on people’s dreams so they can become a reality.”

From that point, I shared my story about helping people through coaching, mentoring, business planning and accountability. The following are a few of the answers I received; see if you can change their answer into a benefit:

  • I sell insurance
  • I lease solar equipment for residential use
  • I’m a financial analyst
  • I am an author and am presenting my book
  • I am a travel agent
  • We have trophies and awards

I could go on, but you get my message. People stop by an expo booth or any store with the expectation of learning how that product or service will benefit them. I have visited this subject before, but it is worthwhile repeating;  what do you do?  Answer this question for yourself and use it!

I also differentiated myself by my “give-away”. The most frequent gift was a pen followed by candy. I gave away about 100 yellow rubber ducks, guess who will be remembered?

We’re in the value business…….. Ed Rensi…. President and CEO, McDonald’s.

Nick Petra    Let us help you maintain your character.

Make it a successful today!

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