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Marketing, using a Direct Response System

Direct response marketing has been around probably since the first business in the world opened. The term is not used much in today’s business environment, but in reality, all marketing is soliciting a “direct response”. I define Direct Response Marketing as information that is disseminated, on your business, by any means available that will cause the recipient to take action.  Obviously, that is the goal of all marketing efforts that are put forth by any business.

That includes printed material, your web site, your blog, your social media efforts as well as your spoken word. Let’s, for example, take a look at your business card.  It  is the one marketing piece that each of us passes out more than any other. For most, this card has contact information, type of business you are in and, of course your name. Look at your business card now and tell me if there is a call to action included on the card. Next, take a look at all the other “marketing” material that your business has. Is there a call to action with a benefit statement?

In all media, the attention a reader will give it is very minimal; consequently, your call to action and benefit message has to be short and to the point. The following are several ideas for your use in developing this all important statement:

  • What is my objective; what action do I want the recipient to take
  • Who is my ideal prospect?
  • What fears does this respect have?
  • What problem solving service can I offer?

Use these four points to create a short statement of action and benefits. Next, test market this on your material.  Business cards are a good place to start.

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