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Value Based Strategic Focus Business Plan

This is the definition of our core plan:

Definition: Value Based Strategic Focus Planning is a powerful technique for guiding the growth of a company based upon an agreed plan which uses as its foundation, the values of its owners. It’s focused because it eliminated the volumes of words usually found in a plan and concentrates on developed action plans and a time line to accomplish them. Built into the plan are “reviews” to monitor the progress and opportunities, to look ahead to economic, technical, consumer demands, and product or service changes that will affect the company’s growth.

There is not only one “right way to grow and run a company”, if there was, then everyone would implement the process and there would be no more business failures.

Our process is different because instead of us telling you what you need to do, we ask questions and your answers help develop a unique plan. The basic, fundamental questions which form the foundation of every company are asked and discussed.

Today, change is the only constant in business life; a business has two choices; first, to react to the change and second to be ahead of the change.  The best way to stay ahead of the change is to have an all-encompassing plan that is easily understood, used every day, and updated on a regular basis.

Accountability ties the bow around the Value Based Strategic Focus Plan and it allows defined goals to become reachable.


Three reasons businesses and people falll short of  their  goals are they don’t have a plan, the plan they have is not good enough, or they don’t work their plan.

Nick J. Petra

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