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Finding a Sales Team to manage at little or no cost

Coordinating the efforts of others can help your business grow; in fact, that is what management is supposed to do.  There is, however, a problem; you don’t have a sales team to manage. The following are a few thoughts on the subject.

  • Consider hiring retired people that may have worked in the same field as yours.  Don’t overlook retired folks from related fields or who have good marketing and sales experience in another field.  Many of these people still have good connections, are reliable and in some cases, will    work on a commission. An opportunity to help grow a new business may be the very thing retired business people need to re-energize themselves.
  • Find resellers for your products or services.  Give another business an opportunity to establish another income source by representing your firm. Look for related businesses, a business whose customers may also be interested in purchasing your product or services. There may be a little training involved but the rewards can be awesome, even if you have to use part of your profit to pay a commission.
  • Envelope stuffers/e-mail senders: This is one of my favorite ones. If you are spending 20 to 25% of your time in the marketing arena, you will make in person contacts with anywhere from 100 to 200 people per month. Normally, you wait and hope that one of those contacts will call and result in a sale. In most cases, there is absolutely no follow up. This has to do with your establishing a first follow up contact system. Write either a letter to be sent by snail mail or an e-mail with the same information. The letter should be generic so as to apply to all. A sentence about how great it was to meet them and perhaps an invitation to explore the possibility of establishing a business to business relationship. The business cards you obtained during your personal contact have the addresses you need. This job is something that can be “farmed” out at very little expense. This assures you that everyone you contact will receive a personal note from you. Think about using your kids or????? to accomplish this task.

Become creative, who else can you use to help with your marketing?

No great task is accomplished without people to do the work and a leader to guide them.

Nick J. Petra

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