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Business Buyers Want your Products & Services

Business buyers are different than “consumers”. They want to and need to buy products and services that help them increase their bottom line, solve problems, become more competitive, make management easier, and, in general, improve their overall business position.

When selling to a business owner you will find a more informed buyer. Their “hot buttons” include: gaining their trust, establishing credibility, and proving  that you have an understanding of their business needs. A business buyer is sold with facts, details and benefits of the proposed service or product. This requires a different type of marketing effort and presentation. This selling process is, in most cases, a slower process and may require two or more “presentation visits” before the sale is finalized.

A closer look at their “hot buttons”

TRUST: Trust must be earned. You must do something to give the other people the evidence on which they can base their decision on whether to trust you. Trust does not happen without work. Trust is about a relationship, one in which your client believes that what you say you will do and that your actions will match your words. Trust is showing someone that you care. Be able to provide evidence that your clients interests are as important to you as your own business interests are.

Credibility: Credibility, like reputation, is something that is earned over time. Many people tend to assume initially that someone who has risen to a certain status in life, acquired degrees, or achieved significant goals is deserving of their confidence. But complete credibility is not granted until your target    business has had a chance to get to know more about you.  The credibility foundation is built brick by brick. As an example, a direct endorsement by a mutual business acquaintance is a great foundation building brick.

Understanding:  For me, understanding is made up of two disciplines; the first is research and the second is listening.  Research allows one to know about another’s business. It helps to generate a caring attitude about your prospect. It gives you an overview of the product or service your prospect is offering and how it is received in the market place. Listening is the art of using your ears instead of your mouth when meeting with prospects. Listening will help you understand the needs that your prospect has and what solutions your product or service can provide.

Selling to a business is a long term process and instant gratification will seldom occur; however, the long term results are worth much more.

Be patient. Patience is also preparation. It is the action before the act.

Nick J. Petra      Patience is also preparing your success by having a Value Based Strategic Focus Plan in place.  E-mail Nick at for more information

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