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Step Out of Your “Knowledge” Box

Most small businesses use services for which they have to rely 100% upon the service or product provider.  In my case, technology (including social media) is playing an increasingly important role in my marketing efforts, client communications and in the delivery of my services. My expertise does not carry over into a mastery of all my technology needs; consequently, I have to rely on outside support to reach my goals.

It is, however, important that I have some basic knowledge of how technology works, what new developments are available and how the consumer likes to receives notice of products and services. After my appointment at ASBA (Arizona Small Business Association) I went to a six hour “Tech Savvy” presentation. Even though I attend such a session at least once a year, I was amazed at the marketing opportunities available for all businesses  in social media, both incoming and outgoing.  Both Facebook and Twitter offer opportunities to search for people in need of your products and services, with very little effort and at no cost.

Our mobile society has embraced smart phones and tablets along with a wide variety of apps that are used to make buying decisions. The use of QR codes and videos in blogs, newsletters and e-mails are just part of what the buying public now expects. New tools that attach to smart phones and tablets transform them into powerful marketing tools.

My six hours resulted in more than 24 pages of notes and a lot of new ideas to share with my tech support providers. I feel that these six hours will help me reach my 2012 goals a lot faster.

The moral of my story is to get you out of your “knowledge box” and to encourage you learn more about the services and products you rely upon others to provide.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Charles Darwin

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