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4 Points a Day….A Marketing Record Keeping System

Marketing is a very complex part of business ownership. There are hundreds of ways to market your products and services.  The following point system is a simple record keeping system to help you keep track of your efforts. I was introduced to this record keeping system by a friend about 10 years ago.  I adopted it and share it with clients because it gives them a measuring stick with which to gage the effectiveness of their marketing.

This system is ideally suited for the small business owner who has to wear the management  and marketing hat as well as everything in between.

Each of the following has a number of points assigned to it.  The goal is to earn a minimum of 4 points a day.

One PointOne point can be earned by getting a legitimate lead, a referral, or an introduction to a possible buyer.

Two Points:  Each appointment that is made with a person that can make a decision to purchase your product or service is worth two points.

Three Points: Three points are awarded every time you meet, face to face, with a potential purchaser and make a presentation regarding your products or services.

Four Points:  Each successful closed transaction is worth four points.

This is one of the best ways to stay on top of your marketing results. I challenge my clients to reach for 8 points on a daily basis.

If at the end of each week, you have not reached a total of at least 20 points, then it’s time to re-evaluate your marketing program. I believe that 30 days is required to test the validity of any system, so I ask you to try this for 30 days and look at your results.  Put a note on your bathroom mirror with a reminder that “4” is your goal for today; each evening write the number of points you have earned.

The way to maintain momentum is to always know what you are going to do next.

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