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Management for the Small Business owner: Time and Systems Management

Why do I spend so much time on the subject of marketing for small businesses? Why don’t I spend more time on the management side that is also critical for growth and survival? I can best answer that by sharing my experiences. The reason most small businesses fail is because they don’t have any clients to buy their products or services.

Until a small business has the income base established to focus on growth, staff and management, I use a two-step method in setting up an initial, simple,  management process. By implementing this two-step process, a small business owner can afford to spend the majority of the time implementing marketing procedures.  My initial management focus is on the following:

  • Systems: This means that the products or services you market are ready to be delivered to a consumer.  They are “shelf ready”; in other words, if someone calls for a product or service, you can reach out and deliver it in a short period of time. An owner has to know where everything is; that includes products as well as services.  In the area of services, the key services that are offered have to become “shelf ready” so that a package containing the necessary material to explain the service as well as to “contract” the service  are bundled and waiting. Part of our coaching process spends time in this area.
  • Time Management: A lack of systems in a business usually takes up most of an owner’s time. The second is procrastination, usually in the form of “paper shuffling” or other “busy” time. The best way to overcome a lack of time is to establish a daily and weekly time management system. This system is established over a week’s period of time during which hourly time records are kept. From these records, a daily and weekly time schedule is developed and implemented.  Attention is given to a definite “work day” start and end time; and unless a product or service is being bought, the schedule has to be maintained as planned. Because running a small business has many aspects and is always subject to chance, we review this time management system every two months and make necessary adjustment.

These two factors are a must for the successful growth of a business and we spend much time both in the initial planning process and in the ongoing coaching to make sure that these two principles are adhered to.

Businesses seldom fail because they try to accomplish too much – they fail because they don’t try to accomplish enough.

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