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Building Trust in Business

There is no short cut to building trust. It’s requires work to build the necessary skills. The following suggestions present a process that will help you achieve the necessary trust with your clients.

  • Getting new clients
    • Ask for referrals
    • Make your follow-up calls engaging
    • Practice your telephone technique so that a face to face meeting results.
    • Have a set client interview process; tell your compelling story and stress the benefits.
    • Ask the right  questions
    • Learn the “art of listening”
    • Focus on things that are under your control
    • Don’t focus on  the economy or world problems
      • Stay out of the political arena
      • Concentrate on your products and services and how they have helped others
      • Speak like a business owner
      • Develop traits that trusted advisors have in common
        • Like your customer
        • Be consistent
        • Don’t force things
        • Don’t get over emotional
        • Tell the truth, don’t pull punches
        • Long term relationships are more important than a current issue
        • Be a real person
        • Remember everything you say
        • Trust must be earned and deserved

Trust requires you to show that you care and that the interests of your clients are as important to you as your own interests.

At Strategic Duck we work hard to earn your confidence and trust.

Worrying about what’s right is always more important than worrying about who’s right

Nick J. Petra       


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