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Networking requires People and Time

Handing out 200 of your cards in a two week period and also collecting 200 cards from these same people sounds like quite an accomplishment.  It’s almost as good as following 1,000 people on Twitter and other social media sites.

Now comes the test: take a pad and pencil and write down the names of the people and the type of business they represent, for each of the two hundred people that you exchanged cards with. Next, add to that list, all the names of the people that you follow on your social media sites. Remember, no “peeking” allowed.

There is more: Using the same list, how many of these people have called you and asked to meet you in person? How much bottom line income have you gotten from these people? The last question, how much time and money did you spend to accomplish meeting 200 people and following 1,000 in the social media?

There are several lessons to be learned from this exercise:

  • You will never remember most of the names of the people to whom you gave your cards or are following on the internet. Consequently, they won’t remember you or your business.
  • The message, either verbally or in writing, that you passed on to those 200 card holders was not compelling enough to have them call you back. In the future, create a compelling brochure (handout) and practice your compelling story. Use these when you find yourself in a “short-time” meeting situation.
  • Real value comes from Networking:
    • When you can spend quality time with a person.
      • Tell your story
      • Listen to their stories
      • Get permission to include them in your marketing distribution
      • Ask how you can help them with their business
      • Set up a follow up meeting.
      • Repeat this process often if the person can use your products or services
      • By establishing quality relationships (friendships), at a slower pace, you will achieve your desired networking results.

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The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not in what he is able to receive.

Albert Einstein

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