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Affiliate Marketing – Discounting or Sharing Profits

Marketing our products or services is a constant challenge; we must always be willing to try new ideas even though they appear, at least on the surface, as “too much trouble”, or “nobody will do that”. Keep an open mind to the following suggestions:


  • This involves you offering your product or service as a discount in exchange for the possibility of obtaining a large number of new customers. The amount of the discount could be the marketing cost you built into the retail price or a discount based on volume.The following are options for you to consider
    • List your product  or service on a service such as “groupon” ( there are many others that offer the same service)
    • Your attorney, CPA, insurance agent, etc. may offer your products or services at a discount as a benefit to their own clients. ( they are providing a  value to their clients)
    • These are just a few thoughts for your consideration. Visit with your coach or business support group to develop other “discounting” opportunities.

Profit sharing

  • Many small business owners are looking to add another income stream. It may be hard to get your product or service into a major distribution center, but a small business owner may welcome the opportunity.
    • Select a business that targets the same customers as you do, but with a different product or service.
    • Prepare a presentation showing the  benefit of your product/service to their customers and the potential revenue stream for their own business.
    • Have support material including display racks if a store location is involved or direct mail material or???? ( work with the business owner as to the best way to reach their  current client base and future customers)

Yes, both these methods  may require you to get out of your comfort box as well as require a lot of work. On the positive side, you are establishing an income stream that does not take up much of your time, and you are offering benefits to others (discounts or profits).

Many good things can happen when you dare to work harder at implementing new ideas.

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