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The Efficient Business

The word efficient appears to be missing in many small businesses; too often the focus is on getting a job done without concern for “order”. The workflow becomes a challenge because it is not planned. Workflow is management from both a time to “produce” and “deliver” aspect.  Proper workflow is the result of having systems in place to handle most aspects of a business.

Having systems in place has many advantages:

  • Avoidance of missing a step
  • Reduction and or elimination of errors
  • Avoidance of step duplication

Workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps. Those steps are described in the systems that are established for all aspects of the business.  If everything is systematized in a business, then each part will operate in a more efficient manner and time, which is a very precious commodity in a small business if it can be maximized.

The following three points apply to anything in your business that needs to be systemized:

  1. Think about  what needs to be accomplished; create a “mind map”
  2. Create a rough flow chart of the process from your “mind map”
  3. Fill in with written steps to complete the task.

The advantage of such a process is that it can readily be applied to any new task.    Once the system is in place, the task is available for you or someone else to implement as often as needed with the assurance that it will be “done correctly”. Remember, change is the only constant in the business world, and all systems need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Before you set off on your next “mission”, take the time to systemize it and see how much easier it becomes and how much better your results will be.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.

Nick Petra 

Make it a Successful today!

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