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In a small business, it is critical to see the “Big Picture”


In my initial meeting with a prospective client I ask a borrowed introductory question, “What do you consider the most important piece when doing a jigsaw puzzle”? The answer that is most often given is “the corner piece”. The answer is partially true. Most of us will look for a corner piece to build on, but the correct answer should be the picture on the box. A corner piece will not be of value unless you know what you are building towards. In other words, you have to see “the Big Picture”.

The same situation exists with many small businesses when they ask for coaching or business planning help. They are focused on a single goal, in most cases, how to make the business more profitable or how to grow the business. The nature of a small business must include family, personal as well as business goals, all combined into a “vision” for the future. Each of these three corner stones must be taken under consideration when building a vision. The business planning process and subsequent coaching is then begun by building a value foundation that encompasses all three parts.

It is important for me to understand all your goals as well as your personal and business financial position. Trust and confidentiality are the basis for a successful client/coach relationship; these traits are nurtured through a series of meetings in which both parties ask and answer questions. Small business owners are focused on results, but the best results come from the creation of a total vision and then defining the necessary strategies and systems necessary to reach positive and lasting results.

Work for a cause, Not for applause. Live life to express, Not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed. Just make your absence felt.


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