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When you absolutely have to make money, sell the benefits that your business provides.

I often talk about the importance of marketing.  Without effective marketing any business is subject to failure, especially a small business. The problem that still exists is that most businesses market a product or service when instead, they should be marketing the benefits of their product or service. The benefits should be the prime headline on all marketing materials, and that includes all media, printed, online, spoken word, etc.

To emphasize my point, look at the business cards that you have collected from other businesses. How many of them talk about the person’s position, or company name, and the type of product or service that is offered? If your collection is like mine, all of them list these points, but not one says anything about the benefits you derive by using their company. Now you know why others don’t respond to your marketing efforts. They don’t see any direct benefits. Even a business card has room for a “tag line” which talks about a benefit.

So let’s begin the lesson: on a sheet of paper (not on your computer, we need something that will be visible to you at all times during this exercise) start a list of benefits that your product or service provides. Think about your target market and your past clients. What benefits does your product or service provide? This is a week-long exercise. Keep that tablet with you at all times; place it on your night stand at night and pick it up in the morning.  Don’t expect to complete this in a few hours, the results won’t provide the desired benefits.  At the end of a week you can proceed to phase two, but keep the notebook handy because you  that will constantly have to be adding to it.

At the end of the week, review all the benefits and then prioritize them as to which provide the biggest benefit that you offer. Take your top three benefits ( if you don’t have at least a dozen benefits listed, you haven’t done your homework) and write  three sentences, each incorporating one of the benefits. You now have the core of your “tag line” and also your “elevator talk” ( a short self-introductory talk when you only have a 30 seconds to create an impression).

With your business coach (can’t stress enough the importance of a coach to walk with you, if you really want to succeed), develop a process to test your tag lines and select the one you will be using. Again, this may take another week or two, but after not having one for so long, take the time to do it right.

The final step is to start using your benefits in all your media. Start a process of implementation. Marketing material can get stale so continue updating your benefit list. Prioritize the list every 3 to 4 months and make changes in your marketing as your benefit priorities change.

This is a howblog. If you don’t act upon this how you may never see the valley from the top of the mountain.

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